Excellent Excel

I finally saw someone who I’ve been working with for some time now. We realized we had a common interest in Excel and people analytics, or at least the rudimentary version of it that we do in our respective spheres. After a few minutes chatting about what we were currently working on, the conversation turned to Excel. And suddenly, the dynamic changed! We went deep into what versions we were using, the tools and tricks that we had discovered, the data cleaning challenges we faced, and what each of us did about it, and then onto how we use Excel in our personal life. (She is better at it than I!) Of course, we wished for the right data analysis tools and software, but in the meantime, Excel rocks!

I’ve used Excel almost every day in my job, and the more I ask of it, the more it gives! I especially like the sheer amount of online support for Excel- all the blogs, courses, and forums dedicated to spreading the gospel of Excel. I owe much of what I know and use to these wonderful folks.

My journey into this world started when I was maintaining and updating data in the early days of my career. Numbers are not my friends, and I struggled for years with getting all the details correct. So I started to explore how to automate some of what I do, and put in error checking in my files. While nowhere near a ninja, I have a fairly idiot-proof system in place now.

If you want to get better at anything, the simplest thing is to know your tools and what you can do with them. And the MS Office suite (especially Excel), is one of the most widely used tools.



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