Learning How to Learn (Highly Recommended)

A month or so ago, I completed the Learning How to Learn course on Coursera. It is taught by Dr. Barbara Oakley and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski. I eventually ended up picking up one of Dr Oakley's books, and I'm really enjoying it. I will write a review of that later. I did LHTL because anything … Continue reading Learning How to Learn (Highly Recommended)


Is Creativity Easy?

During a conversation yesterday, I found someone repeatedly referring to my work as "creative". I blithely remarked "Creativity is easy. It's completing the work that's hard". Later it felt as though I had been a little too casual. I come up with creative solutions because I have to. Like most knowledge workers, my work is … Continue reading Is Creativity Easy?

When your direct wants to do a cross functional project, treat them as the adults they are. 

So, your direct comes to you and asks if they could be part of an exciting new cross-functional project. Terrible answer- Maybe, or radio silence. Bad answer- No. With or without reason provided. Average answer- Sure, go ahead. You've done it, made your direct happy. Best answer- let's talk about it. What does it involve? … Continue reading When your direct wants to do a cross functional project, treat them as the adults they are. 

A dashboard user guide story

Have you ever shared your work, only to later realize it wasn't being used like you intended it? This happened to me recently. I know many of my posts have been around my dashboards- I love having the ability to create something new, of value, with the existing data. Every one of the dashboards I … Continue reading A dashboard user guide story

Lead the way, Google!

I admire Google for its "people operations"- they were among the first companies to try practical applications of data to HR. They were pioneers in this area. Google was also the first Silicon Valley biggies to publish its diversity data. Of course, the cool benefits that Google started have become de rigeur in the IT … Continue reading Lead the way, Google!